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Health & Puppies
Having been ruled by Sussex Spaniels for nearly 40 years we have gained quite a bit of experience on how to look after and care for them when they are not well. I regularly post my Caring for Sussex sheet on all the International Sussex Spaniel sites along with the UK and it is always well received. Whether you are new or an experienced Sussex Spaniel owner please feel free to download it and freely distribute it if you wish. After all this is about keeping your Sussex fit and healthy as they are a breed apart from any other.
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Click here to download “Caring for your Sussex Spaniel” sheet
So you want to buy a Sussex Spaniel puppy?
We are very pleased that you are interested in our beloved breed and we always give an honest and experienced answer. Over the last 40 years we have accumulated quite an in depth knowledge of Sussex Spaniels with regards to their traits and similarities, but they always have a few tricks up their sleeve. They are quite a demanding breed and we would not recommend them as your first introduction to keeping dogs. Most of the information or publicity you read on social media or websites that is not appertaining to actual owners or breeders is generally total rubbish. If you have not been introduced to the breed then I would highly recommend getting along to the Kennel Clubs Discover Dogs event, held each year. This enables you to get first-hand information and to meet the breed along with breeders. We will personally be there with our 4 Sussex 2019…   We are often asked if they are good with children, and this is dependant how the Sussex are treated. We generally run on the premise that there are no bad dogs only bad owners, but of course occasionally there are exceptions to that rule. All of our Sussex over the years have been brought up with children and we have never had any issues, but we have always been very strict that the children respect the dogs. Like all spaniels Sussex are very loyal, intelligent but they can be quite demanding with a propensity to control, hence they require a good level of discipline or they will very easily take advantage of your weaknesses. One very important factor you MUST take into account when thinking of buying a Sussex is that they cannot be left alone for any length of time. They will likely become very anxious often with constant barking and howling and this will have a detrimental effect on their temperament further down the line. So if you are a working family who would require to leave your dog alone, unless you have someone else to look after your Sussex full time when you are away I am afraid a Sussex would probably not be a good choice. Sussex are incredibly intelligent and have many quirks that most other breeds don't have, they are a wonderful breed but very demanding and I cannot emphasise this enough. As you are probably aware the whole UK breed on average only register 30 - 60 per year so sometimes there can be a very long wait to get a puppy. Also the majority of breeders including ourselves liaise their puppies through the Sussex Spaniel Association so I would recommend you contact them and register your name on the puppy list. Register-Stud Dogs.html I will point out to you that if you see a Sussex Spaniel advertised anywhere other than the SSA (Sussex Spaniel Association) or a registered breeder it is highly unlikely to be a genuine puppy. If you have any doubts ask the SSA as they are in the loop for all genuine puppies available in the UK.   Best regards Greg, Jan and Clan.
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