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Saxonbejayz Sussex Spaniels
The Sussex spaniel is a thief, they will creep in and steal a corner of your heart and keep it forever. We are a fairly normal type of family (give or take a few nutters), living in the heart of the East Sussex countryside, which is of course where the origins of the Sussex Spaniel lie. We regularly take our BJs (Brown Jobs) to local and championship dog shows throughout the year along with other events such as Discover Dogs. Of course they all live indoors and treat us as part of their family. When they find it appropriate to allow us the occasional holiday they ensure (as always) that it revolves around them. The Sussex troupe were more than happy to let us buy a caravan thus enabling us to ferry them around the countryside to campsites and Fun Weekends which leads them to mustering all their human slaves together for a grand social get together. When selling a puppy one of the key points we make is ‘when walking, plan 1 hour for every 5 minutes of your trip’… and if you already have a Sussex you will know exactly where we are coming from. 1980 Our first Sussex puppy was purchased from a wonderful lady, Ann Findlay of Oldholbans Nr Brightling. Her name was "Cleo of Oldholbans" (Cleo) and she was an amazing companion. Daily she worked under the gun on rough, wildfowl and syndicate shoots and was very highly regarded within the fraternity. She lived to a ripe old age of 16. 1995 Mr Smee (Smeezy Weezy) "Risdene Goldeneye", boy what a character this guy was. There was only one way of doing something, and that was “Smee’s Way”. 1995 The very next day the another BJ came along, Merlin (Merly Whirly) "Oldholbans Golden Wings", he was beautiful and the most wonderful nature you could dream of. 2003 Basil (Bazzy Bean) "Deanway Shower of Rain" was next, and he was everything a Sussex could be. Born on the 4th of July he was loving, grumpy, stubborn and a nutcase. 2007 Monty (Monty Don) "SHCH Norriss Northern Torpedo"…well, what can words say about this guy. Monty was the first BJ we showed in Jan 2012 and what a year he had. First champ show he qualified for Crufts and never failed to get placed from then on. He was 2nd in Limit Class at Cruft’s 2013. One of our most satisfying wins was 3rd Best in Show at the South of England Gundogs Ardingly 2013. Onwards and upwards to gain his first Challenge Certificate CC under breed specialist Mr Mark Boswell along with Best of Breed and gained 2 breed records becoming the first Sussex in our breed history to win Best in Veteran group and Reserve Best Veteran in Show at a major championship show being Birmingham National 2016…in 2017 Monty had a bumper year as out of the 42 puppies registered that year with the KC he sired 13 of them. We are so proud of him.. Then in January 2018 we nearly lost our beloved Monty. He collapsed one morning at the bottom of the stairs so I scooped him up and rushed him to the vets. The worked on him for 2 hours and at one stage he passed to the other side but they revived him. He had a ruptured spleen caused by a tumour and massive internal bleeding. They cared for him all night not expecting him to make the morning. Then they rang us and said he needed a blood transfusion to help him through. We waited in anguish through another evening and the following morning the vet rang and said he had just taken him out for a pee. He is a fighter and that March we went on to win Best Sussex Veteran at Crufts 2018. It didn’t end there either he won his second Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed under breed specialist Mr John Appleby at Richmond Championship show. What a year which ended unbelievably winning Best in Show at our most prestigious Sussex Spaniel Championship Show. Here he gained his third CC as well as having previously gained 11 RCCs and became Show Champion Norriss Nothern Torpedo under breed specialist judge Mr Chris Brown. Again he made it to Crufts 2019 and still going strong. Our lovely Monty. 2012 Margot (Margy Pops) "Sovaroma Solstice" joined us, such a sweet girl and absolutely beautiful in every way. In the middle of a storm, Margot presented us with our Shelly in 2014, our first home bred pup. 2014 Shelly (SaxonBejayz Bombshell) became our latest addition to the family whom we bred from Margot and Dee Ashcroft’s Moses (Torshca Teddy Ready Go SH CM). Shelly’s grandmother was the unforgettable TEEJ (SH CH Meggamooch Lucky for Torshca SH CM) breed record holder of 31 CCs . Shelly is absolutely beautiful and is growing into a proper madam. She showed at Crufts in 2016 and gained a first in her class. She has now qualified for Crufts for life as she won Best Bitch at Windsor Championship Show 2018 gaining her first Challenge Certificate (CC) also gaining her Stud Book number. That is a great achievement to us as she is home grown. 2017 “Dibble” arrives. Monty & Shelly have a beautiful litter of 4 puppies 3 boys and 1 girl. Dibble, Bumble, Dudley and Rye. Saxonbejayz Augustus, Saxonbejayz Elliot, Saxonbejayz Bodorgan and Saxonbejayz Lucy Anne. These puppies were named after Augustus Elliott Fuller and his family as a testament to his early association to such a wonderful breed.